10 Booking Steps For WWE Monday Night Raw

Will Sting be WWE champion?

This past week on Monday Night Raw, WWE's creative team made their 'Mr. Money In The Bank' briefcase holder look weak once more. It's a confusing strategy, and it can only be theorised that the company don't feel wins and losses really matter in the grand scheme of things. Some fans have covered this by saying it shows everybody can beat everybody else, but that excuse doesn't really wash. The promotion are handling some top names very oddly at the moment, booking them as cowards or losers. In the long run, this will surely do nothing for characters like Sheamus or Seth Rollins. Thankfully, in the case of the latter, Raw was a return to some resemblance of being a deserved double champion. This past week, Rollins was booked less like a scared little boy, although he did once again run away from Sting following the conclusion of the big tag-team match main event. Heading into Night Of Champions, there are more questions than answers over where WWE are headed, especially with Rollins. This time of year is normally unique, because it often feels like creative are killing time until the Royal Rumble through to WrestleMania season. Keeping Night Of Champions in mind, exactly what could WWE have in store the following evening on Monday Night Raw? These booking steps outline things that could happen, and many fans probably want to happen.


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