10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (Feb 1)

Why The Rock's interaction with the New Day should continue.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, WWE followed up on the Royal Rumble with the revelation that Roman Reigns would face both Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar at Fast Lane. The entire purpose of the Triple Threat encounter is to reveal who will face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title come WrestleMania 32. Most fans already realise it's going to be Reigns. It's the only story that makes any real sense, and both Ambrose and Lesnar have their own separate issues to deal with right now. For Ambrose, he's still embroiled in a feud over the WWE Intercontinental Title with Kevin Owens. Similarly, Brock Lesnar has a rivalry with Bray Wyatt to sink his teeth into, one that will likely lead to a one-on-one bout at 'Mania. The very nature of Lesnar's contract suggests he's not going to be there every week to hype up Fast Lane. Therefore, it's probably down to Reigns and Ambrose to do most of the build, and they can really start that on the coming episode of Monday Night Raw. Elsewhere, WWE must further intrigue into the recent debut of AJ Styles, further develop the WWE Divas and Tag-Team Title feuds, and also deal with the WWE United States Champion Kalisto.

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