10 Bridge Burners You Will Never See In WWE Again

The Art of Leaving.

More so than in any other walk of life, you can never say 'never' in pro wrestling.

The idea of Eric Bischoff hugging Vince McMahon on live WWE television was inconceivable back when the Monday Night Wars were being waged - but money talked just a few years later. Brock Lesnar spent years in the bad books. Despite several back and forth lawsuits and his making mountains of cash elsewhere, Lesnar lay back on the bosom of Vince McMahon eight years after he was perceived to have committed the ultimate betrayal.

Even more astonishingly, Triple H orchestrated Bruno Sammartino's return to the Titan fold, despite years of palpable animosity between the two parties.

In short, money > ego. This has been the case ever since wrestling became a work.

That being said, it is possible to burn a bridge entirely. And while such separations are often made permanent because there's no chance of money to be made from a reconciliation, there are instances in which parties could make serious coin together - if only they could stomach touching the other with a bargepole...

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