10 Changes That Would Enhance WWE's TV

Five hours of WWE TV within 48 hours? Good luck.


Being a wrestling fan might just be more destructive than it is satisfying.

Due to the nature of predetermined matches, many of us probably have the phrase "yeah I would have done that differently" ingrained into our minds. Due to this, many wrestling fans have expanded upon that and now believe they could probably run WWE better than it's currently being run... but the reality is we aren't a great deal better.

While a lot of credit has to be given to the creative team, the writers, the producers and Vince McMahon himself, plenty of work could still be done to revamp the company. Sometimes a small change can make a huge impact, and WWE still has plenty of tiny flaws that honestly aren't even that difficult to fix.

Even with a roster as stacked as theirs is right now, sitting through five hours of WWE television within a 48 hour period remains a daunting task. While we're probably never going to see Raw shrink down to two hours, WWE can at least try to make those three hours as enjoyable as possible.


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