10 Creepy Wrestling Curses

Walking through the broken mirror that is professional wrestling itself.


Curses aren't real.

Consider (much of) this list a spot of spooky ephemera with which to distract from the very real horrors of everyday life in 2020.

Incidentally, top tip: watching films in which the protagonist(s) endure an horrendous ordeal isn't, from experience, too shabby a way to wile away lockdown. As Ric Flair famously said, you don't want to see somebody doing better than you, which limits your escapist entertainment somewhat. At a minimum, fictional characters are usually allowed to go outside.

Shutter Island while as predictable as a WWE main roster non-title match functions nicely in this regard; yes, you can't go to the pub and "the man" keeps telling you to wear a lame cuck mask that reduces transmission and prevents death and might bring sports back earlier and sh*t, but at least you're not losing your sanity surrounded by the criminally insane in the pissing rain.

It's summer. The criminally insane surrounding you now are under the sun.

In some haunting, tragic cases, however, there's a potent if not entirely real sense that, when the stars align eerily in the pro wrestling world, and they do - this is an industry in which pissing blood from one's face is termed "fortunate juice" - they do so under a bad moon...

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