10 Creepy Wrestling Curses

9. The Hart Family Curse

The children of the Hart family were all the direct or indirect victims of tragedy.

The sad reality, based on the extent to which pro wrestling was awful - it still is now, just in different ways - is that, statistically, a family of that size was very likely to encounter it in magnitude.

Owen Hart was tragically and needlessly killed, in 1999, when the WWF opted, despicably, for cheap alternative equipment with which to facilitate a stunt that in no way was necessary to get the character over. His brother Bret was concussed into a multifariously grim retirement throughout which he suffered significant health issues.

The cursed DNA of the British professional wrestler extended the Hart Family and its misery by law through the marriages of Davey Boy Smith and Diana Hart and Dynamite Kid and Michelle Smadu. The British Bulldog died prematurely, while Smadu endured a disturbing cycle of physical and psychological abuse.

The industry the Harts were born into callously ripped them apart.

There's a stark, sobering lesson to be gleaned from the history of the Hart family: professional wrestling, a grim paradox of an industry, is to be taken both very seriously and not at all. It's a silly fiction that can tragically claim young life with a merciless inverse bathos.

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