10 Cruelest WWE Moments

From insulting long-time employees on air, to trying to make money off of real life tragedies.

WWE isn't often known for their tact. As much as they like to continually show off how great they are by supporting cancer research and anti-bullying campaigns, they've done a lot of really mean, downright cruel things to their on-air talent over the years. It's not exactly sure why, but the most logical guess is that it's because the company is run by a 69-year-old man whose greatest joy in life is pushing other fully-clothed adult men into a swimming pool. Being cruel is in his DNA. While you could probably pick out some mean things that don't really serve any point on any episode of Raw or SmackDown, some incidents stand above the rest. The moments listed here were just plain mean, and not in a good money-making way. They were meant to embarrass and belittle the on-air performers, often in a ways that only the boss found funny. As we all know, Vince McMahon has a terrible sense of humor, so brace yourself. From insulting long-time employees on air, to trying to make money off of real life tragedies, here are the ten cruelest WWE moments.

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