10 Cult Wrestling Matches To See Before You Die

Notes from the underground.


There is too much pro wrestling. There is too much phenomenal pro wrestling.

Even putting aside WWE and AEW - companies that together will produce nine hours of weekly content from October - and NJPW, which presents lengthy and absolutely unmissable cards across the calendar year, there is too much pro wrestling. The remaining Impact diehards rave about the current product which, cruelly, is far more coherent than it ever was when it was relevant. ROH suffers from a very poor reputation, but those precious few in attendance are adamant that the product does not reflect it: the Briscoe Brothers are carrying the ancient Rock N' Roll Express to improbably good matches in 2019, for f*ck's sake. It's unreal. Even the most irrelevant and stagnant promotions are putting on very intriguing matches. It's impossible.

Oh, and Spain has recently announced itself as a wrestling hotbed, just to spoil us all further.

That said: access to pro wrestling's absurdly rich history is easy in 2019. The following is a list of tape-trader sensations and matches the traders once couldn't dream of getting their hands on.

It is impossible to watch every wrestling product in 2019, but this sh*t is mandatory viewing...


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