10 Current WWE Roster Members Who Are Beyond Saving

Mr. Not-So-Perfect...

Right now, being a lower tier worker on the fringes of the creative team's plans in WWE must suck.

For those men and women struggling to get on TV as it is, the news that both Raw and SmackDown's roster would once again amalgamate for monthly pay-per-views had to be depressing. That combined effort means it'll be even harder (nigh-on impossible, really) for the lower card pack to force their way onto the bigger shows.

Things become even more distressing when realising that the gimmicks these workers play are going nowhere fast, and there's no sign of change or progression to speak of. All guys like Mike Kanellis, The Ascension and Sin Cara have to hang their hats on are endless house show matches or the odd appearance on 'C' level programming like Main Event.

Can this be changed? Absolutely, but not until the wrestlers in question are either allowed to suggest change or the writers suffer a nasty bump to the head and suddenly decide Heath Slater's "I Got Kids" gimmick is the next big thing.

Somebody save these guys...

10. TJP

TJ Perkins

TJ Perkins has done next-to-nothing since returning from a knee injury in January. That can't sit well with the man who once stood mid-ring with Triple H and William Regal to celebrate winning WWE's Cruiserweight Classic tournament in September 2016.

Almost two years on from being the focal point of the Cruiser relaunch, TJP is an afterthought who doesn't quite have the same upside 205 Live members like Tony Nese or Buddy Murphy do. His video game characterisation didn't work on Raw either, and he's even far behind the likes of Kalisto in the pecking order.

At this point, Perkins would be better off trying to rebuild his career somewhere else.

Sure, he has a steady gig as part of the Cruiserweight ranks, but that won't last forever, and there's little chance TJ will be able to move up the card away from 205 Live anyway. It's a shame someone so clearly talented has gone from first champ to footnote.

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