10 Deadliest Wrestling Submission Holds Ever

10. The Anklelock

Greatest Practitioner: Kurt Angle Also used by: Ken Shamrock, Jack Swagger. Early forms of the anklelock were practiced in medieval Japan and the hold is believed to have originated from ju-jitsu. It is also used in judo, MMA and amateur wrestling. In professional wrestling, however, the leg is usually lifted off of the ground in a more theatrical fashion, which occasionally leads to a more traditional mat-variation with body scissors applied. Ken Shamrock is generally credited with bringing this move into modern pro wrestling, but as it was/is used in traditional €˜catch€™ or €˜shoot€™ wrestling, he is definitely not the first wrestler to have ended a match or two with it. Once Kurt Angle started using the move in the early 2000€™s and garnered a string of highly credible victories with it, the anklelock€™s stock was boosted significantly and it is now greatly respected by pro wrestling fans as a premier submission hold. Nevertheless, in any incarnation, this move can genuinely hurt a person.
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