10 Disturbingly Weird Things That WWE Wrestlers Did

10. Kamala Eats A Live Chicken On Prime Time WWF Television

"Kamala has to be fed every so often," declared Classy Freddie Blassie. The scene was WWF's Tuesday Night Titans and Vince McMahon was on presenting duties. His guest was Kamala, who worryingly came to the studio with a live caged chicken. Blassie then nonchalantly said that Kamala was going to eat the chicken, with Vince responding "NO, NO!" Kamala then grabbed the flapping bird and the camera then cut to show it as he had devoured it. There were feathers hanging from his mouth. It was gross and the crowd were shrieking. Even by 1980's cartoony standards, this was pretty out there. The booking of Kamala as a savage was done in the ultimate un-PC way. Did he ever really eat that chicken? Fans still debate it to this day.
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