10 Divorces That Rocked Wrestling

7. Diamond Dallas Page/Kimberly Page (2005)

Both positively and negatively, much has been said about the career of Diamond Dallas Page. One of the most important parts of Page's career involved being married to his wife Kimberly, whose Playboy photo shoot in 1996 was linked to the nWo assaulting both her and Page and DDP starting a feud with Randy Savage. As well, urban legends on online message boards have run rampant in the internet community that Kimberly was romantically linked to then WCW booker Eric Bischoff which resulted in Page sustaining a top-tier push. Thus, as much as DDP was a hard-working performer, the marriage between Kimberly and Dallas Page seems to have a number of unusual benefits attached. It's intriguing to note that when DDP jumped to WWE in 2001 that Playboy model Kimberly was not snatched up by the company (in an era where the company's female performers oftentimes appeared in the magazine). As well, Page's first storyline in WWE was that he was stalking another man's wife, while in real life many fans knew that he was already married to a very attractive woman. Thus, when it was revealed in 2005 that Page had divorced his wife, it was an announcement met with more questions than answers. In many ways, Page without Kimberly firmly entrenched in his career ends up being attached to far more lowlights than highlights for certain.

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