10 Dream Opponents For Cody's AEW TNT Title

There are so many wrestlers who could challenge Cody: here are 10 of the best candidates.

Cody Low Ki

As the inaugural TNT Champion in AEW, Cody has been doing his best to bring something fresh to the promotion by defending the belt nearly every week. So far, he has given huge opportunities to young mid-carders in the company like Jungle Boy, Sonny Kiss, and Marq Quen to showcase their talent in a major title match on primetime TV.

But to truly make the belt and his reign unique, Cody has also made the challenges open to every available wrestler outside the company. This has allowed independent wrestling stars like Warhorse, Ricky Starks, and Eddie Kingston to step up and reach a much larger audience than ever before with impressive matches against the TNT Champion, and has left independent wrestlers everywhere campaigning to be the next challenger for Cody's belt.

In a massive crowd of talented unsigned wrestlers trying to get an opportunity on AEW TV, the following ten individuals stand out as the most promising potential challengers for Cody's championship. This will only include wrestlers who feasibly could challenge for his title in the near future, and hopefully at least some of these matches will happen in 2020.

10. Chris Hero

Cody Low Ki

Chris Hero is one of the most celebrated independent wrestlers in the history of the business, and while his recent run in WWE didn't do much to showcase his unique abilities and genuine expertise, the former Kassius Ohno has a lot left to offer in the squared circle. Getting a big debut with the iconic Chris Hero theme before challenging Cody for his TNT title would make for immediately engrossing television.

They would definitely work a match that maximises Cody's strengths and regardless of the victor, would create a memorable moment that would have AEW fans talking for weeks on end. Hero is a master of playing either side of the moral spectrum inside the ring, being an extremely sympathetic babyface or one of the most vicious heels in the world depending on the role he needs to play.

He knows more about wrestling than practically anyone else alive, and is able to work wonders with a variety of opponents, from technicians like Bryan Danielson, brawlers like Eddie Kingston, or destroyers like Tomohiro Ishii. If Cody wants an opponent who can make him look good, further legitimise the TNT title and provide an excellent 20 minute TV match, Hero's the man.


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