10 Dumbest Ways WWE Wrestlers Killed Their Push

Tip: aim gun away from foot.

Pot TV

In WWE, opportunities to ascend the career ladder are pretty hard to come by. Unless your name is Hulk Hogan or John Cena - wrestlers who were earmarked for super-stardom almost the very second they walked through the door - you can probably expect a long and arduous walk to the promised land.

As with any walk, the best way to alleviate the pressure on your feet is to travel light. Avoid carrying any unnecessary baggage, in other words, which in a wrestling context means don't get on the wrong side of any of your backstage superiors, don't break any cardinal industry rules, and perhaps most importantly, don't ingest the wrong substances.

Sounds pretty easy on paper, but several of the company's biggest names have fallen foul of this advice over the last couple of decades. In consequence, they've ended up killing their pushes dead in their tracks, generally for infractions that can strictly be defined as completely and utterly dumb.

Honourable mention: Robbie McAllister appearing in the Impact Zone. That was Darwin Award levels of stupid (although he didn't really have a push to kill, in fairness).

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