10 Dumbest Ways WWE Wrestlers Killed Their Push

9. Baron Corbin

Difficult though it is to believe now, this time last year Baron Corbin was slated to be one of WWE's breakout stars of 2017. He had just beaten Dean Ambrose clean, and was about to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase.

But instead of winning the world title, he ended up going the way of Damien Sandow, his cash-in attempt ending in humiliation when he was rolled up by Jinder Mahal following a distraction from John Cena.

Initially, many of us thought that this might have something to do with The Lone Wolf's antics on social media. Stuff like getting into a testy verbal exchange with renowned wrestling guru Dave Meltzer (which is practically an act of heresy).

But, according to later reports, that was wide of the mark. The real reason his push was axed, apparently, had to do with him challenging a WWE doctor backstage during a meeting about concussions. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut, Baron.

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