10 Early Winners For WWE Royal Rumble 2024

8. Bayley

LA Knight

Bayley is the last remaining horsewoman left in WWE not to have won the Royal Rumble match, and it's the one accolade that has eluded her career up to this point. 2024 might be the year that 'The Role Model' finally wins the big one and headlines WrestleMania.

Now there are two paths to go down with this, and both depend on Bayley's Damage CTRL counterpart IYO SKY's plans with the Money In The Bank briefcase. If IYO cashes in on likely the WWE Women's Championship before January, then the natural setup is a Bayley vs. SKY 'Mania match, which no one would shake a stick at. The alternative and much more intriguing option is having the best of both worlds with SKY as MITB holder and Bayley as the Royal Rumble winner.

Fans have seen the level of interest surrounding the Judgement Day when the MITB holder and the challenger for the World title are in the same faction - and this is no different. Add in Dakota Kai having to decide on which side of the fence she sits, and you have a program suited for any WrestleMania build.

If there is anyone in the women's division that deserves a title match come April, then it is Bayley.


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