10 Epic Million Dollar Ideas WWE Refuse To Use

10. Trade Brock Lesnar For Ronda Rousey For One Night Only

With rumours that UFC are set to secure long term target Fedor Emelianenko to a contract, the dream Brock versus Fedor fight is now a reality. The fight almost happened half a decade ago, with the 100,000 capacity Cowboys Stadium as the fancied venue. It is UFC's biggest fight that never happened, all because Fedor walked away from negotiations. But with Fedor now apparently in, Lesnar can finally get his dream match. It wasn't a possibility when Brock was negotiating with UFC in March 2015, but now it is a fight that both he and UFC President Dana White may strongly fancy doing. This is where Ronda Rousey comes in. WWE want her to work WrestleMania 32 against Stephanie McMahon. But UFC were never going to allow that sort of nonsense to take place, not with their biggest star. But now WWE have a bargaining chip - a one night trade of Brock for Ronda. Lesnar would get to work the dream fight with Fedor at UFC 200 in July 2016, and Rousey would get to work Mania. It is a money making idea that should suit both sides, but expect Vince McMahon to put the dampeners on it. His lack of understanding for UFC would be what kills it. He won't want Lesnar going into a cage and getting destroyed. The McMahon theory would be that a Lesnar loss in UFC could hurt his WWE appeal, but the truth is that it'd probably make no difference to his WWE perception. He did after all get pummelled in his last two UFC fights, and that didn't make him look weak to WWE fans.
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