10 Ex-WWE Superstars With Unfinished Business

WWE needs to revive some bad apples!

carlito the bad apple

If there's one thing Vince McMahon has proved over the years, it's that, short of a Chris Benoit-sized horror story or, as it seems, a spot of awful racism, no one is truly ever Gone For Good when it comes to WWE.

History has shown that pretty much anyone that's rubbed the Boss up the wrong way can make amends and be back on Raw one day, whether it's Steve Austin bringing his ball back in 2003, the Ultimate Warrior building bridges to finally make it into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year shortly before his untimely passing, or Bret Hart putting the most infamous wrestling bust-up in history to rest when he returned to WWE's flagship programme after over 12 years away in 2010.

Be it through simply falling down the pecking order and out of favour or sticking a middle finger up at the company and rolling off into the sunset, there are many WWE alumni who left before their time was truly up, and who we reckon would still have plenty to offer should they decide to return...

10. Alberto Del Rio

carlito the bad apple

What Happened: After an amazing early push that saw him win the Royal Rumble, bag a Money In The Bank contract and win his first World Title courtesy of a cash-in on a white-hot CM Punk (yeah, it didn't really benefit anyone in hindsight, did it?), Del Rio fell in and out of the main event scene before falling out with the company after an altercation with a WWE employee. Del Rio was released like a poo after a hot curry, and headed to Lucha Underground by way of AAA.

How To Book A Return: A simple Rumble return would do the job for someone like Del Rio - give him the chance to come out, hit all his badass spots (god damn we love that enziguri) and flirt with some potential future feuds. Oh, and obviously, it has to be with a full Ricardo Rodriguez intro. Splitting those dudes up was criminal.

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