10 Failed Attempts To Recreate Great Wrestling Stables

Sometimes it's not always best to put the band back together.


Stables have been a prominent part of wrestling history since the territorial days of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Traditionally a gathering of heels, united in their pursuit of bringing down a babyface, the archetype was firmly established in Memphis with Jimmy Hart's First Family's feud with Jerry Lawler, and later the Freebirds' attack on the Von Erich family unit in Dallas.

However, it was the Four Horseman, thanks to their hostile takeover of all the NWA championships in the mid 1980s, who would charter the course for stables going forward.

Like all wrestling angles, stables come and go to make way for new feuds and characters. Over time, injuries and contract disputes water down popular contingents and even the most over of stables eventually fade away, confined to wrestling nostalgia.

Whether due to prosaic booking or a public clamouring for their return, almost all successful stables have at one time been brought back into wrestling's infinite continuum.

Some were a welcome sight upon their return, whilst others spectacularly failed to capture the imagination of their first run.

Here's ten piss poor attempts to resuscitate popular stables.

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