10 Fascinating Backstage Facts From CM Punk's AEW Run

Controversial wrestler's run was full of weird, wild stats and tidbits.

CM Punk stats

CM Punk’s groundbreaking and volatile run with All Elite Wrestling came to a sudden end on Saturday, leaving the wrestling world in a state of shock.

However, many are less shocked that the mercurial star burned out in just two short years, but more that it wasn’t Punk quitting in frustration. Rather, it was CEO Tony Khan sacking his prized free agent acquisition after a backstage confrontation between Punk and Jack Perry, which no one could have predicted.

Still, there are plenty of incredible moments left behind in the wake of the Punker’s AEW run. Returning to wrestling after a seven-year absence, the Voice of the Voiceless commanded attention from fans – both AEW die-hards and lapsed fans who had longed for CM’s return ever since he walked out of WWE in early 2014.

During his two-year run, Punk certainly made wrestling interesting – both in front of and behind the cameras. Ratings reflected his impact on the product, and news sites and social media exploded with content about the divisive star. His every outburst and side comment was dutifully reported and then dissected for an interpretation of what it could mean.

Most notably, the post-All Out 2022 scrum completely overshadowed everything the wrestlers had achieved during the PPV. Even now, Punk’s departure from AEW has become the major talking point in professional wrestling.

Much will be written about Punk’s time in AEW, but let’s glance back at some interesting stats, figures and facts about his two years with All Elite.

Let’s get to it…

10. Backstage Confrontations And Shoots

CM Punk stats

Fact: The All Out brawl and All In scuffle aren’t the only confrontations CM Punk has had in AEW.

By now, fans are pretty well versed about CM Punk’s backstage rows at All Out 2022 and last week’s All In PPV. The former led to Punk being stripped of the AEW World Championship and put on the sidelines for nine months. The fiasco in London led to CM being fired from the company altogether.

A new report from Bodyslam.net indicates that Punk also had a backstage confrontation with William Regal when he debuted at AEW Revolution 2022, refusing to shake his hand and calling him a “stooge for Triple H.”

Then there’s the time Punk went into business for himself in a 2022 Dynamite promo, calling out Hangman Adam Page when the star was not in the arena. He also took a shot at Eddie Kingston in the midst of his feud with Page, which seemed a bit unnecessary. Punk and Chris Jericho have also reportedly had a run-in or two in AEW, in person and via social media.

More recently, Punk “angrily and aggressively” confronted Ryan Nemeth during a June episode of Dynamite over a tweet he sent about the Second City Saint. Then last month, Nemeth was booked and unbooked from Collision and sent home from the arena.

No one should be surprised if other stories surface in the coming weeks and months.


Scott is a former journalist and longtime wrestling fan who was smart enough to abandon WCW during the Monday Night Wars the same time as the Radicalz. He fortunately became a fan in time for WrestleMania III and came back as a fan after a long high school hiatus before WM XIV. Monday nights in the Carlson household are reserved for viewing Raw -- for better or worse.