10 Fascinating Facts About Famous Wrestling Titles

In WWE, titles mean even less than you thought - BUT this also matters less than you might think...

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A wrestling promotion does not exist without titles because titles are the very purpose behind a wrestling promotion.

This should be obvious, but since it isn't obvious to the most important person in the entire pro wrestling industry, let's break down why. Say you yourself are an aspiring professional wrestler. You willingly bump with no guarantee whatsoever that you'll ever get booked, much less make it. You hurt yourself for what isn't even a living. Sharp, debilitating pain surges through you as you train your body to do something utterly counterintuitive to it under the hope that, one day, your work might not look like total sh*t.

Do you do this so that

A) Your dedication is rewarded with acknowledgment, symbolised by gold, that you are the very best at your chosen craft or

B) You can just have fun out there?

As much was Vince McMahon might want to believe that his sports entertainment empire is very much removed from corny, tawdry wrasslin', it isn't. Wrestling does not exist without titles. You'd think, then, that Vince would actually care about treating his titles with importance.

No chance in hell, pal...

10. Nicholas Has Won More Titles In WWE Than...

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...Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, an unforgettable heel that was also so ungodly over that he was cheered over Hulk Hogan in 1986.

Or at least, that's what he claims.

Hulk Hogan counters those alleged chants of "DDT!" because of course he does. He's not going to admit that he wasn't universally beloved because he's a malignant narcissist. So what's the truth here, exactly?

Researching the demented delusions of carnies is hard work and takes a bloody age. It would be easier to write a thesis on subatomic particles.

Whether Jake was as over or more over as Hogan is immaterial: he was very, very over, an unforgettable thread in the Golden Era patchwork, and he never won a title in the WWF because, once upon a time, winning one actually felt like an elusive, hard-fought accomplishment.

The Nicholas deal at WrestleMania was a dumb stunt that simply wasn't worth getting wound up about - Vince lost interest in tag team wrestling well before 2018, and besides, Nicholas was a small child. You'd have to be the weirdest sociopath to give a sh*t. Still, the stunt brought into crystal focus the sheer extent to which titles had lost all meaning. This is suboptimal, since, again, this is what wrestling is actually about.

Incidentally, Nicholas also held more tag team gold than The Rockers, the Powers of Pain, and the Fabulous Rougeaus.

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