10 Fascinating Final Matches From Famous Wrestlers

These legends definitely did not ride off into the sunset their way.

Randy Savage Jeff Jarrett TNA

Very rarely in the world of professional wrestling does a wrestler get to live out a storybook ending.

Sure, there are a few examples of someone getting to go out their way, like Shawn Michaels battling The Undertaker, or Austin's final showdown with The Rock at WrestleMania XIX. Those are the rare exceptions. Most wrestlers just don't get the send-off they deserve. Sadly, many of them have a downright embarrassing final match that will forever be listed in the record books next to their name.

One of the reasons for a lackluster finale is because career ending injuries are fairly common in wrestling. Others don't know when their time is up, and are released without much fanfare. They have to accept what they were given on the way out, and not leave on their terms.

And while the big stars have a little more control on how they say goodbye, they often don’t know when to call it a day. They choose to keep on going, often ending with a random indie opponent as their curtain call.

Some of the following ten final matches of popular fan-favourites were lackluster, whilst some were quite bizarre. Regardless, all of them were fascinating in their own way.


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