10 Fascinating WWE Backstage Facts About Charlotte Flair

As a decade of decadence for 'The Queen' of WWE approaches, here's a closer look at Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair Rhea Ripley

Charlotte Flair has proven over the last 10 years on the main roster that it's pretty good to be 'The Queen', but it's not always easy.

The multi-time Women's Champion has featured prominently on television for the bulk of a particularly tumultuous time in the company's history, setting multiple records, working countless modern classic matches and enduring mountains of praise and fury in equal measure thanks to her navigation of the market leader's politics and processes. 

At various points, she's had the matches and the moments to justify every position she's been put in, though - it being WWE - the doubling down has resulted in an unhealthy slice of disdain for her character and the constant presence she's maintained at the top of the card. 

It's given her an entirely different aura as she enters her second decade, surviving several controversies to become uniquely placed as a veteran in a relatively nascent division. And as is so often the case in the industry, the stories that snuck out from backstage are just as wild as some of the things that appeared on screen...

10. Making Up For Lost Time

Charlotte Flair Rhea Ripley

Though Charlotte Flair has mostly remained tight-lipped on the worst of times between her and Becky Lynch during their falling-out (and infamously awful 2021 belt-swapping segment on SmackDown), Lynch has spoken enough for the both of them in her recently-released autobiography as well as in interviews following their on-screen reunion ahead of the 2023 Survivor Series.

Speaking to the "Getting Over" podcast, she said;

"...Having that hostility towards somebody kind of weighs on you, you know what I mean? I think life is too short for that and we witnessed that. We've seen the tragic passing of people that went far too young, like Bray Wyatt, like Luke Harper, and other friends who passed away that were very close to me in the last few months too, and so all of those things I think as you grow and mature you realise that these petty differences aren't worth the toxicity it leaves in you and the weight that it carries,"

The two worked together for the first time in two years as part of the Women's WarGames match, and Lynch has since noted that it was important for both of them. 

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