10 Fascinating WWE Backstage Facts About 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

You're gonna read these facts because "Stone Cold said so!"

Stone Cold Steve Austin
*Glass breaks* "Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"

There have only been a handful of legitimate megastars in the history of WWE. Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and The Rock are great examples of performers who brought considerable mainstream appeal to the business. But, of course, any list of legendary wrestlers would be incomplete without the Texas Rattlesnake.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is a once-in-a-lifetime star who wowed fans with his relatable frustrations against his boss, his badass, take-no-nonsense attitude, and his love of a good beer, or two, or three, hell, the whole pack!

His popularity and ability led the former Ringmaster to become an icon in the industry, amassing a long career that many dream of. Naturally, he mustered up plenty of stories and facts throughout his tenure, giving die-hard wrestling fans a wide array of tidbits to obsess over.

The following ten are ones that even the stoutest Steve Austin fan will be amazed by. So if you're ready for them, shout "Hell Yeah!" and let's begin.

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10. Bruce Willis Was The Inspiration Behind His Bald Head

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Texas Rattlesnake's big bald head is as synonymous with the Attitude Era legend as the Stunner, his leg brace, and the iconic Austin 3:16 T-shirt. But what exactly inspired him to cut away his blonde locks? Well, there is a definite answer: Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.

Austin discussed his original buzzcut look as The Ringmaster on an episode of his podcast, where he claimed that he decided to shave his hair thanks to issues with thinning. Butch Coolidge (Willis' character in the Quentin Tarantino movie) was apparently the look he was going for. "I had that buzzcut, and that was inspired by the Pulp Fiction movie, Bruce Willis's character."

Of course, he'd eventually do away with all his remaining hair, opting to go fully bald. Austin discussed this on an episode of Xavier Woods' UpUpDownDown, where he claimed he "Looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a ragamuffin." He thus decided to shave his head and grow the goatee, which would become the look that made him a star.

It seems Hollywood is what took the hair away from the former Hollywood Blond.

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