10 Fascinating WWE Backstage Facts About The Undertaker

WWE's greatest character was somehow more shocking behind the scenes.

The Undertaker Quit WWE

Think you know absolutely everything there is to know about The Undertaker? Think again.

'The Deadman' goes down in history as WWE's finest character creation. It was a masterstroke of casting too, because nobody could've prolonged the gimmick as long as Mark Calaway did. He turned a potentially-two year shelf life run into one of the most enduring careers in pro wrestling history, and there will never be another like him.

Lately, 'Taker has opened up like never before about his life behind the scenes. He has a YouTube channel (like some kind of supernatural Logan Paul!) and shares stories from the road. It's fascinating to listen to someone like him freely discuss everything from humble beginnings, WCW, his start in the WWF, his relationships with other stars and more.

A life this lived is always sure to have some hair-raising tales. For The Undertaker, a character who terrified countless young wrestling fans during his first few years under the guise, those scares come from the most unlikely of places. 

'Taker's backstage facts will both amaze and leave you speechless.

10. He Wrestled Kane Elsewhere Before Their First WWE Match

The Undertaker Quit WWE

The Undertaker was one of the first in the then-WWF to see something in Glenn Jacobs. On 4 August 1995, 'Taker even toured down to Smoky Mountain Wrestling for Jim Cornette's "SuperBowl Of Wrestling" show and worked opposite Unabomb in a featured bout. That proved to be a life-altering occasion for Jacobs.

It told The Undertaker one thing: Unabomb could be a future federation opponent.

'The Deadman' was so impressed by Glenn that Vince McMahon ended up booking the new monster on a run of house shows later that year. Jacobs debuted as Jerry Lawler's mean dentist Isaac Yankem, and his WWF career was off to the races. That might not have happened had 'Taker not put in such a good word.

Years later, Yankem morphed into Kane and had one of the most memorable feuds in WWE history vs. his kayfabe brother. It's fascinating to think that this all kicked off on a Smoky Mountain card 'Taker was only guesting on during a bleak period for his iconic gimmick.


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