10 Fascinating WWE SummerSlam 1988 Facts

10. Vince Tried To Bring In Ric Flair For The Show


The dirty play between WWE and Jim Crockett's NWA/WCW promotion continued to heat up over the previous year. Survivor Series and Royal Rumble were conceived in order to derail Crockett's Starrcade and Bunkhouse Stampede events, and the Carolina kingpin fought back by putting a televised Clash of The Champions against WrestleMania 4.

Flair had reigned as NWA World Champion since November 1987, and recalls being pitched an opportunity to jump to WWE in the summer of 1988. Potentially, Flair would have wrestled WWE Champion Randy Savage in what would have been a historic champion-vs-champion encounter to headline the maiden SummerSlam.

So what happened? Flair felt loyalty to NWA and the Crockett family, and it was later revealed that the ownership group headed by Ted Turner (who bought up NWA's assets in November 1988) would not have bought the company if Flair wasn't part of the package. The Crocketts were in a financial quandary, and it's believed that one of Flair's biggest reasons for staying was to help them secure that deal.


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