10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 14 Facts

8. Owen Hart Had A Leg Cast Removed Just That Day

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When Triple H defeated the youngest Hart brother to win the European Championship weeks earlier, it was in a match that lasted less than one minute. In story terms, Hart had a prior ankle injury, which was exploited by Helmsley and Chyna. The injury, it should be noted, was not part of any storyline.

Earlier in March 1998, Hart rolled his ankle while stepping off of the middle rope during a match. He then worked the next night in serious pain before seeking treatment. The injury was diagnosed as a severe sprain with ligament damage, necessitating the use of a walking boot.

Hart's only appearance between the injury and WrestleMania was the 52-second title loss. He wore the boot until WrestleMania Sunday, and still managed to deliver a quality match at less than optimum strength.


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