10 Forgotten Theme Songs Of Well-Known WWE Superstars

9. Booker T - Can You Dig It?

In early 2004, WWE decided it would be a good idea to record a full album of songs by different members of their roster. For the most part, the songs had the appeal of a beach dumpster, but it was the only way anyone could get their hands on John Cena's "Basic Thuganomics" theme, so it still sold fairly well.

Also on this album, though, was a rap number by Booker T, titled "Can You Dig It?" The song was... okay? Well, comparative to some of the other gems on this album, it was.

Anyway, in order to promote the CD, WWE had Booker use the song as his entrance theme for a brief time in 2004. Ultimately, though, his original theme was much more recognizable and catchy, so he was using that one again not too long after.

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