10 Forgotten WWE Cameos From Major Stars Before They Were Famous

Daniel Bryan hates streakers, CM Punk is Brock Lesnar's biggest fan and more forgotten WWE cameos.

Daniel Bryan WWE SmackDown 2003

Everyone has to start somewhere.

In the territory days, that often meant workers would kick off their wrestling journeys by selling popcorn, shifting event programs or (for the lucky ones) refereeing a few matches. In more modern times, stars-to-be began WWE life by posing as mock security guards, police officers or other background extras on TV.

It's almost like a rite of passage for aspiring wrestlers. Vince McMahon likes his roster to be well-rounded performers who exhibit a wide range of skills and don't flinch when they have to leave their comfort zones. They need to be entertaining, basically - simply being good in the ring isn't quite enough for the boss.

There are no less than seven future male and female World Champions on this list. They're joined by some who didn't actually make it in WWE full-time - those favourites did, however, go on to experience huge success in companies like AEW, so they still count as major stars.

You will spot recurring themes (security guard seems to be the most popular cameo choice), but there are also impressionists, cringeworthy fanboys and eh...ladies of the night. How many of these long-forgotten cameos do you remember?

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