10 Forgotten WWE Matches Followed By Something Infamously Terrible

The storm after the calm.


You're a fan of Disney. Or, if you're one of the Passion Of The Christ-adjacent parents that has been pushed beyond breaking point on a daily basis of late, perhaps you're getting a great deal out of Disney+ at the moment. Or if neither apply, just imagine one of those scenarios (your writer would recommend the former) for the good of this comparison.

Disney offers what looks and feels like a limitless amount of content old and new that plays to the dark heart of your ageing years and the youthful giddy thrill of your nostalgic core. It also exists in the name of a man who battled not-entirely-unfounded accusations of racism, cultural whitewashing and debasement in his work and legacy.

But these are not the first thoughts that spring to mind when you hit play on Toy Story 2 for the fifth time this working week. Unlike how it currently feels to sit through a WWE Network special about how great Vince McMahon is.

Recent global events have provided a terse reminder of exactly who the Walt Disney of our world is, faults nakedly exposed more than his a*se was in 2001. They are not hidden nor debatable, they are terrible. Infamously so. It's little wonder a team of people around him go to work just to stop all of them exploding on the product every week. They've not always been successful...

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