10 Future WWE Grand Slam Champions

7. Kofi Kingston

Big E Grand Slam

Kofi Kingston is just a world championship away from Grand Slam glory, and honestly, it isn't the craziest idea in the world anymore.

The New Day became bigger than anyone could have possibly expected. Starting out as what seemed to be a black gospel group, The New Day were slowly given more and more creative freedom to the point where you can now buy a shirt that says "Pancake Power" and features a box of "Booty-Os" on the back. Literally, try imagining any of that four years ago.

While Kofi may not even be the most likely New Day member to win a world championship, an eventual New Day storyline could go in literally any direction. Whether they split up and one of them goes rogue, or they band together and decide to shoot one of their members to the world championship moon, it feels very possible that Kofi will be the man to step us into a truly new day.

And, well, if it's not gonna be Kofi...

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