10 Genius Ways Wrestlers Outsmarted Their Opponents

To Be The Man, You've Gotta Outsmart The Man!

Kurt Angle Eddie Guerrero Summerslam

With the right storyline and finish, a match can be full of twists and turns that can take the audience on a ride of emotions. Where wrestlers will walk away with the win after fully out-thinking and out-manoeuvring their opponents in the ring.

Look to Superstars like Edge who was labelled as ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ for a reason, taking advantage and outsmarting the entire roster, and being the first wrestler to cash in the prized Money in the Bank briefcase on a wounded champion. Or Los Guerreros who wrapped up most of their matches by cleverly lying, cheating and stealing to pick up wins. Or shorter wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and the 1-2-3 Kid often having to be shrewd and strategic in their bouts by tricking their opponents into rollups and small packages for wins in ‘The Land of Giants’.

Look to instances like Chris Jericho having Christian do his entrance at the Royal Rumble (2003) so he could sneak up behind Shawn Michaels to attack and eliminate him. Or Spike Dudley on Raw taking notice of where William Regal hid his brass knucklers and knocking him out with them behind the referee’s back to speedily win the European Championship. Or The Undertaker tapping out to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam (2015) solely because he knew the ref couldn’t see it, with Lesnar releasing him on instinct only for Undertaker to lock him in Hell’s Gate to make Lesnar pass out.

Let’s go further and look at the 10 most genius ways wrestlers have outsmarted their opponents:

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