10 Great Reasons WWE Fans Need To Believe In Dean Ambrose

He is truly the future of professional wrestling.

There is no Superstar hotter in WWE right now than Dean Ambrose. The man known as The Lunatic Fringe has been on fire as of late, thanks to his explosive feud with Seth Rollins and his combustible heat with John Cena. If none of those flame-related metaphors are convincing you, then one simple viewing of him on TV will. The fact is that fans are doing with Ambrose what Rollins has been asking; they're buying in. The live crowds are popping for him and the reaction is more impressive every week. From the way he looks into the camera, to the way he hurls half crazed threats to everything in between, Dean is getting over on every level. Perhaps the best thing about Dean's progress thus far is the fact that he's had virtually no assistance to get it done. With the exception of his current issues against Cena, there has really been no one that has directly given him the rub as a singles competitor. The Superstar that fans are currently seeing is the product of one man's hard work and dedication and that is indeed impressive. Of course there may be some that still don't get it, some that are perhaps not drinking the Kool-Aid. For those fans, there may be no better way to than to just watch him to understand his level of commitment to success. The truth is that there are many reasons why Dean is worthy of attention but it can basically be boiled down to the following 10.
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