10 Great Wrestlers With Terrible Finishing Moves

Ultimate Splash? More like Ultimate Disappointment.

The Rock The Peoples Elbow

Great finishing moves usually tick at least one of three boxes:

Box number one: they're easy on the eye. Think AJ Styles' Styles Clash, or Neville's Red Arrow. Moves which demand of those performing them gymnast-like elegance and athleticism. Moves which make you rise from your seat in anticipation, and then jump in the air as they reach their climax.

Box number two: they look like they could legitimately kill a guy. It didn't take long for Seth Rollins' (now banned) Curb Stomp to earn the seal of legitimacy from WWE fans, and that's because it involved violently stamping his opponents' heads into the mat from a running jump. It felt dangerous - and that's rare.

Box number three: they can be hit out of nowhere. There's a reason Randy Orton's RKO loses much of its impact when it's preceded by the Viper thumping his fists on the canvas like a toddler who's just been told they can't have any ice cream. Finishers which catch the fans off their guard will always elicit a stronger response.

Most of the wrestling greats had an iconic sequence to put their opponents away. But there are, of course, a finite number of manoeuvres from which to choose - and one or two of them had to make do with a move that didn't quite befit their legendary status.

Here are 10 great wrestlers with terrible finishers.

10. Rey Mysterio - 619

The Rock Christian

Professional wrestling often requires fans to suspend their disbelief, but Rey Mysterio's 619 is a step too far. While WWE found some creative ways of setting up his finisher over the years, it often seemed a little too contrived when an opponent would serendipitously land between the top and middle ropes.

The move was also undermined by what preceded it: Rey is equipped with bottomless arsenal of high-flying stunts, and the 619 is probably one of his least impressive-looking. It's like having beans on toast as your main course after a starter of lobster and caviar.