10 Great Wrestling Moments That Not Enough People Have Seen

Aja Kong is better than your favourite wrestler.


It's almost sad delving into the vast riches of pro wrestling's past in 2020.

In 2019, after a long and tedious time, there was little need. Pro wrestling felt big and vital and new all over again, what with the emergence of AEW, the ensuing war, and what was for a time the wall-to-wall in-ring greatness that followed.

But we're back now, cruelly, with an aching longing for a past that will remain unrecoverable for a depressing amount of time. And it's not even a past that dwarves in relevance and excitement a bland present. We all long now for the mundane.

By definition, nostalgia aches. That which creates a longing cannot be truly met, only in spirit or memory. Watching the wrestling of old only serves as a reminder of what it can't be now, despite what across even WWE can manifest as a noble, bittersweet attempt. AEW Dynamite remains a great show, but thinking what it could be like is almost haunting.

That Daniel Bryan Vs. AJ Styles Intercontinental Title match was a damn tour de force. An absolutely incredible professional wrestling match created breathtaking drama from an impossible position. It would be spoken of as an all-time classic, were fans in attendance. A sad ellipsis and an inescapable asterisk attaches itself to everything.

If nostalgia is too acute, now, then perhaps it's time to venture outwards - or, at least, use the past to inform our perspective of the new present...

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