10 Great WWE Matches With One Notable Botch

A great wrestling match doesn't have to be perfect, as these ten bouts proved.


For as long people have enjoyed wrestling, cynics have enjoyed botches.

There is something oddly satisfying about seeing a wrestler - famous or otherwise - go to hit a move and completely mess it up. From the hilarious to the harrowing, the funny to the frightening, the humble botch has given wrestling fans plenty to talk about over the decades and they continue to entertain us well into the 21st Century.

In theory, a botch should ruin a match. It looks awful, completely disrupts the flow, and exposes that wrestling is all one big work. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes a match is so good that not even a huge botch can ruin it. Some are even made great by said botch.

The following ten matches can all be considered great in one way or another and all contain at least one noticeable botch. Some of the botches on this list are among the most famous in WWE history.

This is an attempt to prove that great wrestlers can work through a botch to still produce a fine match. If you choose to view it that way, then please do so. Equally, if you're just looking to laugh at ten people hurting themselves, then that is also welcome.

Here's the lost, I mean, list...


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