10 Great WWE Wrestlers Who Had Terrible First World Title Reigns

Luckily, a superstar's legacy depends on a lot more than just his first run with the world title.


To become world champion is without a doubt the boyhood dream of every WWE superstar to lace up a pair of wrestling boots. However, not all championship runs are created equal in the eyes of Vince McMahon. Some superstars work their whole careers to grasp the gold for a few fleeting moments and others seem to hold the top strap every couple of months or so. Some competitors even spend their entire run with the world title jobbing to other wrestlers, making their time with the belts look like a complete farce.

It should go without saying that the title doesn’t make the man, the man makes the title. Looking back at the first world championship runs of many of WWE’s top competitors though, you’d find it hard to believe the titles or the champion gained any prestige from these reigns.

It’s strange to think so many of these superstars went on to carry the company on their backs, becoming huge successes and household names in the process. And yet that’s what happened. A bad first run as world champion doesn’t necessarily have to define how the rest of a wrestler’s career turns out.


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