10 Greatest DDT Variations In WWE History

Jake Roberts was the originator but who actually did it the best?

The DDT has become one of the most famous manoeuvres in all of professional wrestling. Though some dispute the story of how the move came about, many credit Jake €œthe Snake€ Roberts as the mind behind its origin. During the 1980s, in a match with The Grappler for Mid-South Wrestling, a simple front face lock went wrong. The Grappler slipped, Jake fell backwards, and the two went crashing to the mat below. Luckily Jake€™s foe was smart enough to sell it, and the audience duly bought it. Both men knew they were onto something. They locked up once more and Jake tried it again, but this time he added a slap on the back for impact. The DDT was born. Since then, countless performers have adopted the technique, with varying degrees of success. But which renditions of the DDT have been the greatest of all? Sure, we€™ve seen many mimic Jake, including greats like the Rock and Triple H, among others. But who has really made it their own? Who have been the ones to take a leaf out of Jake€™s book and further innovate the move? This list counts down ten of the greatest DDT variations seen in the WWE, favouring only the most unique and innovative renditions.
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