10 Greatest Ever WWE Heel Stables

Because one awesome bad guy is not nearly enough.

Heel stables always work a bit better than face stables. The babyface is usually an individualist €” a guy who stays 'true to himself,' even when things look their worst. A heel stable, on the other hand, uses its numbers to its advantage, and the more members there are, the better. You have a buddy to toss you a steel chair, distract the referee, or otherwise interfere. You have the muscle to back you up when you run your mouth. And you have a scapegoat to shift blame onto when things go wrong. The best heel stables are well-numbered and intimidating €” a person going up against the stable should feel sinking despair, of fighting insurmountable odds. And it makes it that much more exciting, when the hero, against all odds, manages to triumph. After that is the predictable infighting, and betrayals, and double crosses. The stable breaks up, sometimes into smaller stables, sometimes into individual, breakout stars. And the cycle repeats. To be clear, this list is for the WWE only. The Four Horsemen, as awesome as they were, were founded in NWA. And the nWo were founded in WCW €” although the WWE version of nWo does make it on our list. Here are the 10 Greatest Ever Heel Stables in WWE history...

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