10 Greatest Mystery Partner Reveals In WWE History

9. Finn Bálor - NXT 2014

Steve Austin Dude Love

Hideo Itami promised that he would bring help to fight off the Ascension, and he delivered in a big way with the NXT debut of Finn Bálor in November 2014.

The Irishman was on the back of an amazing run in Japan as the leader of Bullet Club, under his Prince Devitt persona, and the Full Sail crowd were red hot for his arrival.

For those viewers less familiar with the three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, the commentators did a great job of hyping Bálor’s debut, and he was immediately made to look very strong as he and Itami inflicted a one-sided beatdown on their much larger opponents. This was at a time when getting the better of the Ascension was a lot more difficult to achieve than it is now, when a gentle fart might keep them down for three.

Itami himself was not long into his NXT run, and to have this pair of world-class performers closing the show as a united front showed what an exciting period it was for the brand.


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