10 Greatest WTF Swerves In Wrestling History

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

For as long as there have been dirt sheets, there have been smart pro wrestling fans €“ fans who were convinced that a little backstage knowledge made them insiders in all but name. With the advent of the Internet, the dirt sheets went global. Suddenly anyone could know the inside track. Surprises became less and less frequent, as the old ways of swerving fans became old hat. In the territories, no one had known from one town to the next what had happened in the ring the night before €“ now, someone could tweet the surprise arrival of a wrestler backstage and the live audience would know about it before the curtain jerked. Still, even today it€™s possible (with a barnstorming angle, the utmost secrecy and the perfect performers to pull it off) to execute a proper, oh-my-gawwwd, honest to goodness swerve on wrestling fans: and thank god for that, because it keeps us on our toes. This year, the biggest swerve so far has to be Seth Rollins€™ dramatic heel turn, splitting The Shield, and (even though it€™s been a bit of a damp squib to date), Chris Jericho managed to keep his WWE return in 2014 a complete surprise to everyone. But we€™ve got bigger and better than that, because these are the greatest swerves in wrestling history€

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