10 Growing Pains AEW Is Already Having

Fight forever. Literally.

Aew title

Obvious statement incoming alert.

AEW, the first truly exciting WWE alternative since TNA's peak, has real potential. It's backed by money from successful businessmen and already has goodwill with wrestling fans around the world. People want to see All Elite succeed, and with good reason. Not only does it provide more choice for the viewer, it also gives hardworking wrestlers somewhere else to work full-time.

Right now though, AEW is at a delicate point in its short history. There are growing pains, and they're becoming clearer with each passing event the promotion puts on. This, all going well, will be temporary, but it's not something the Khans, Cody Rhodes, The Bucks or anyone else in power should ignore. To do so would be foolish.

Some will dismiss this article as the ramblings of some WWE lifer who has grown used to Vince McMahon monopolising the industry. He's had things his own way since WCW bit the dust in 2001, and a generation has lived under McMahon's sovereignty of the biz for what seems like forever.

AEW can only break that steely grip if they learn from early shortcomings...


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