10 Hidden Gem Wrestlers That Would Blow AEW Fans’ Minds

10. El Hijo Del Vikingo

El Hijo Del Vikingo

Otherwise known as The Guy From That Cool GIF You Saw On Twitter Last Week, Vikingo has established himself as one of the world's foremost high-flyers at just 24 years old, making waves with poise, agility, and athleticism comparable to anyone who has ever laced a pair of boots.

Vikingo does the impossible. He is a video-game character come to life who dazzles from the moment you first lay eyes on him. We could lie and claim this is down to his cool look and considerable physical charisma (both of which exist!), but really, it's the stunts. Vikingo is the best Movez wrestler in the world.

The AAA standout leaps from the ring post and springboards into what look like synchronised swimming manoeuvres. He runs up the ropes, nails the most brutal-looking low-arcing missile dropkick in the business, then sprint into a springboard Frog Splash. His highlight reel may as well be computer-generated.

A perfect fit for AEW's house style, Vikingo has already been linked with a Kenny Omega match. This is likelier to happen in AAA, where Omega is still Mega Champion, but an American run must be on the table when possible.


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