10 Hidden Meanings Behind AEW Double Or Nothing Attires

Clothes don't maketh men...


If there was ever a time for wrestlers to dress to impress, it was as they took centre stage on one of the most important wrestling shows of the 2000s (or perhaps, ever) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With ALL IN sequel and All Elite Wrestling launch show Double Or Nothing, the AEW crew had curated yet another atmosphere comparable to WrestleMania with an event that harnessed much of the independent spirit that helped it come to be. It was a night many stepped permanently away from weekend warrior work and arduous mid-week graft to become paid up performers for an organisation that became the second biggest promotion in North America overnight.

AEW's story still has tinges of the fairytale Cody and The Young Bucks spun ahead of 2018's seminal Chicago supershow, but the extent of the billion dollar machine behind them wasn't so hidden second time around. TNT will air their television, wrestlers have actively sought them out from inside Vince McMahon's empire, whilst this particular pay-per-view set out to prove that WWE's termination of the very concept in 2014 was fundamentally flawed.

First impressions counted more than ever for many of the new faces (and heels) that lit up The MGM Grand Garden Arena, and so they should have - why bother putting your best foot forward if your boots don't match your tights?


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