10 Horrible WWE Feuds That Led To Great Matches

Even WWE's worst storylines can lead to in-ring genius. Just ask CM Punk!

CM Punk
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Psst! WWE's roster has always been insanely talented.

Need some proof? Consider some of the frankly sh*te storylines creative has come up with over the years, then think about how WWE's best managed to turn things around and produce pay-per-view classics - some might even have forgotten about many of the in-ring marvels on this list.

Here, you'll dip into the depressing worlds of sexism, racism, attempted murder and more. Yes, writers used all of those...controversial subjects as backdrops for some of their biggest feuds, and it's actually really remarkable that wrestlers didn't crumble under the weight of their "sports entertainment" nonsense.

In fact, for some workers like Kurt Angle, Booker T, Steve Austin and Triple H, they managed to deliver peak performances come match time. That didn't quite help fans forget about the shady build towards each bout, but it definitely made up for some seriously bad attempts at shock value on TV beforehand.

Readers might be stunned by a few picks here too. Happy Corbin is there, for example, and there are multiple former World Champs being slated for their promos pre-PPV.

Have fun...

10. Kurt Angle’s “Bestiality Sex”

CM Punk

Let's just get this one out of the way.

In 2005, Kurt Angle started stalking Booker T's wife Sharmell and saying he'd like to have "bestiality sex" with her. As if that wasn't enough, Kurt also alleged that Sharmell had been touching him up privately backstage - this was all designed to get under Booker's skin, but it caused some fans to gag instead.

Then, something amazing happened: Angle and Booker dispensed with the ludicrous plot points, the bell sounded at Judgment Day '05, and they... just wrestled an intense, slick match. Booker's aggression fit the story, sure, but being on the front foot with electric offensive flurries was always when the ex-WCW man was at his very best anyway.

Meanwhile, Kurt sold his arse off. It's amazing to think what could've been had WWE's writers stopped tricking themselves into thinking they needed more 2002-esque controversy to create cash, and simply let these dudes do their thing.


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