10 Most Horrific Accidents In Wrestling History

Sometimes things go wrong inside the ring. Other times, things go horribly wrong.

Professional wrestling is often derided as being the red-headed stepchild to its sports and entertainment parents. While wrestling is undoubtedly meant to be a show, the performers in the ring are constantly putting themselves at risk for our entertainment. It€™s been stressed on numerous occasions that anything can go wrong inside a wrestling ring at any time. Minor injuries are commonplace, but drastic, life-altering mishaps are rare. However, every once in a while, a wrestler will face an incredibly severe injury or life-threatening situation thanks to their chosen career. Accidents happen in any profession, and when that line of work includes throwing another person around or diving from great heights, bad things will occasionally take place. Everyday pain and sporadic injuries are one thing, but tragic accidents and disasters are another. Unfortunately, there is little that one can do to protect themselves from these horrendous accidents. After all, they are just that: accidents. No one wants them to happen, and surely, no one that steps foot inside a ring intends for them to occur. Regardless, they do from time to time. Fair warning: some of the videos within are a bit graphic and may be upsetting to some. If you don't want to watch them, don't click on them. If you can handle it, then join as we take a look at some of the most horrifying incidents in wrestling history -- ranging from bizarre and severe injuries to tragic deaths inside the squared circle.
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