10 Huge AEW Full Gear Predictions You Need To Know

Blood, sweat and gears.

Lee South/AEW

What AEW have achieved with Dynamite in six weeks is remarkable.

F*ck the toxic response to the bullish optimism: AEW is approaching the perfection of the TV formula, flaws and all. The show races by in a vibrant, loud endorphin rush. Almost all of it is all-the-way over. The in-ring action is exhilarating at its best (Private Party Vs. Lucha Bros.), and full of heart even at its roughest (Riho Vs. Nyla Rose, Britt Baker Vs. Jamie Hayter). The exceptionally-structured, inspired angles have created a world in weeks, and the in-advance sporting framework creates an immersive sense of suspension of disbelief.

The balance isn't perfect, but the promise of that balance is, looking at last night's firecracker, and if that reads as hyperbolic, so be it: the best entertainment should inspire a passionate recency bias, otherwise, what's the point?

Most of this has served to build Full Gear, if not the full extent of it.

AEW seems more concerned about the big match, more so than a card of action, the likes of which even the worst or least popular companies can produce with so much global talent operating in such form. Cody Vs. Jericho is the clear hook and USP around which AEW has built the event, and it feels big. It's a real achievement on AEW's part: this is a big-time match between the most entertaining heel and the most over babyface in the game.

But who's going to win?


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