10 Huge Pops WWE Fans Gave To Outsiders

WWE doesn't play well with outsiders, but these invaders managed to get the Universe onside.

Wade Barrett, Wayne Rooney

WWE doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to playing nice with outsiders. The world’s biggest wrestling (sorry, sports entertainment) company is an insular place, where achievements outside of WWE are ignored and the wacky rules of a fictional ‘universe’ are slavishly adhered to. With WWE, you’re either in or you’re out.

WWE is wrestling’s version of Masada, an impenetrable fortress that remains intensely skeptical of outsiders, but its history isn’t short of invaders of all shapes and sizes. Wrestlers, entertainers, athletes and more have made it onto the hallowed ground that is the WWE stage and lived to tell the tale (not all are alive, but come on, that should be assumed). The WWE fanbase has rejected many, but it has also come alive at the arrival of some.

WWE may have bodged the invasion, but these outsiders certainly garnered a response. In the WWE Universe, Japanese wrestling icons are as worthy of excitement as championship boxers, late-night comedians, and whatever Rob Gronkowski is supposed to be.


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