10 HUGE WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Predictions You Need To Know

The New Bray Wyatt?


It'd be unfair to suggest that WWE have entirely abandoned Elimination Chamber with their eyes on the WrestleMania prize, but the February show has felt a lot more like a block, rather than the slip-road to the Fastlane, or whatever journey-based bullsh*t they're touting this year.

Consider the go-home Raw's closing segment as an indicator of how much this show matters - Vince McMahon emerged in all his deluded fury and inserted Charlotte Flair as Ronda Rousey's WrestleMania opponent, discounting the match the 'Rowdy' Raw Women's Champion had to get through at this show first.

It took 'The Queen' resetting the board on SmackDown Live to serve as a reminder - damning stuff considering how the company at least seem to be forging ahead with the feud as WrestleMania's primary concern. They've already doomed the Women's Tag Team Titles to partial failure thanks to a misguided introduction featuring Heavy Machinery skeeving over Alexa Bliss - will the second attempt to pull off an doubles Elimination Chamber go better than the first?

Moreover, will possible low interest in female-heavy top programmes give WWE cold feet on the 'Show Of Shows' closer? Yet again, the cause of the problem won't be down to the performers, even if they're ones punished for it...


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