10 Impossible Wrestling Teases That Almost Happened

The greatest wrestling matches that almost were.

Stone Cold CM Punk

Because of the nature of wrestling being a pseudo-sport governed by the interests of its audience and its writers willingness to book accordingly, it remains (more than any real athletic competition) a place where dreams come true.

When it comes to any other sport, we can typically only wonder about the match-ups of greats from different eras and divisions. In wrestling, these dreams may come true and, in many cases, they have.

With so many dream matches that have occurred, it's only natural for wrestling fans to ask which is next. After all, wrestling is an ever-evolving and never-ending medium and, if nothing else, pro graps shows need to find their next big marquee match. What fantasy scenario coming true is going to sell the most tickets?

Unfortunately, not all fantasy scenarios find themselves between the bell. Extenuating circumstances have stopped proposals for some surely brilliant face-offs - but not before the fans have had a taste of what could be.

This list looks at feuds and matches that were teased but ultimately never happened, breaking the hearts of excited wrestling fans who were keen to tick another dream bout off of their fantasy booking lists.

10. Dean Ambrose VS Mick Foley

Stone Cold CM Punk

He might not have been the most technically gifted, but Foley's heart and willingness to sacrifice his body for entertainment inspired a great number of talents.

Coming up through the ranks of FCW, before he donned the body armour of The Shield, was the young Dean Ambrose. A violent, psychotic character with little regard for his own safety, if Foley was to put one last guy over, then Ambrose seemed perfect. At WrestleMania weekend in 2012, the two got into a tense war of words that was filmed on a cell-phone to blur the lines of reality and WWE’s sanitised product.

Due to a misunderstanding and some undelivered answering machine calls, the feud almost fell apart early as Ambrose launched into tirades on Twitter that stepped over the line of comfort for Mick. Foley even called the WWE to declare he was pulling out of the angle before the two had a chance to clear the air and re-energise.

Foley got right back into the mindset for it and, ahead of their planned SummerSlam bout, went through WWE’s physical checks. Ultimately, Foley’s beaten up body failed the impact test and he had to hang up his working boots for good.

Whilst Ambrose found success later that year debuting with The Shield, the potential of the Lunatic Fringe retiring Foley will always haunt wrestling fans.


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